Important announcement

Today we announce the launch of something totally new, original and promising –  Justice Co. This company will make wonderful things in its life. It will grow and expand. It will surprise and conquer. It’s going to change the world. 

It has two CEOs: Mr Positive Egoism and Mrs Love Van Myself.  From now on these two will decide on the direction where this company is headed. They will not be distracted or discouraged. They will set clear goals and achieve them with no problem whatsoever. They have best assistants: Miss Smart and Mr Junior Enthusiasm. And they are supported by the Shareholders too: Good Friends Association and Free Will FundThe advisors such as Mr Big Fear and Mr All Critic will be outsourced and consulted on a irregular basis, rarely!

What will this company produce? It is still not known, but it’s surely going to be extraordinary, unique and absolutely precious. It is open to various ideas, so it’s best to follow it and wait for the big announcement.

Its motto is: DON’T KEEP CALM AND CREATE! It’s prepared to make mistakes, but bankruptcy is not an option. With these two as CEOs, that everybody would like to hire, it is bound to succeed. 



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