Creative time

It is so important to have time for oneself, to be able to breathe out what we’ve inhaled throughout the day. The pictures, the conversations, the dreams, the problems. Everything. Not breathing properly may lead to an artistic hyperventilation. We may find ourselves in a panic call for survival.

Creativity needs steady and regular breathing. It needs human me-time. Being there for others more than we can is not heroic, it’s neglecting one’s best mate – one’s creative soul. So extracting time for oneself from the substance of family relations and obligations is not an act of egoism, but a communion with the universe powered by the creative energy. It’s actually in line with nature. By saying “No” to it, we brake the natural law of growth and allow the decay of the monument of life we’re building. By saying constantly “Yes” to others we can be at most a flipping flag fixed to the mast of other people’s expectations instead of being a leaf on a tree of growing possibilities.

Time is an actor that requires a stage to perform, a free space in our agendas, a place between the past and the future. You can buy it from the Time Shop paying with Assertiveness Dollars.


It's time for Me
So give Me time
To find Me
In time
I am

-Justyna Joshi

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