Wishful writing

Me: I wanna write a book.

Not me: Wishful thinking!

Me: I want to publish my poems.

Not me: Wishful thinking!

Me: I would like Adele, Sia or Rihanna to sing a song that I’ve written.

Not me: Wishful thinking!

Me: No! It’s not wishful thinking, it’s wishful writing!

I have bits and pieces here and there, but they do not add up to a solid, sellable product. And why? Because I do not write as much as I would like to, point. Frankly, I think I complain more in my diary about me not writing, than I write complete book phrases or poem lines.


So I tried an experiment. I sat on my 3 letters and wrote for couple of hours non-stop. What came out was mostly what I’d call non-sharable content, but to my surprise there were several pearls hidden among the dead expression shells, that were worth polishing. So I picked them up and observed carefully from every angle enjoying their shine and texture. Then I threaded them with a pen onto a line and made a fine necklace of words.

So it is possible to write something nice but it takes time and patience. It’s like working in a mine or an oilfield, you spend most time searching for minerals. Still, what you exploit requires great deal of processing and polishing afterwards. Just think, if miners were easily discouraged, we’d not have electricity.


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