Lack of boredom

One way of saying goodbye to boredom is becoming creative. Before I had stuff to do as well and managed to keep myself busy by various passive actions like reading, watching television or going places just to show up in certain groups of people. But today, during 15 hours of travel to the Canary Islands I have discovered that there is a new way of killing boredom, in an active way.

It’s by being creative that we no longer HAVE TO kill time, but we actually WANNA MAKE THE MOST OF IT. I caught myself thinking “OMG, we have only 3h on the train, will I manage to meditate for 1h and then write all the things I wish to”…what a great shift in perception.

Traveling can be so much fun an a great opportunity to create as you can’t be distracted easily or called out to perform any obligations. With a bit of preparation, making a sort of an artist kit in our hand luggage, we’re set to go for hours! I took notebooks, aquarelle pencils and a brush with a built in container for water, so now I can go colorful on the plane above the clouds!!!


– Boredom? What is it?



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