Calm mind, spirit wild

My artists went through a huge test. I was convinced that in order to create I need to run fast to explore more, that the more I do, I see, I taste, the better, that my artist would have a bigger data base of ideas and resources to create from. So funnily wrong.

When I was sitting during the 10 days of Vipissana mediation course in a beautiful place by the river, obliged to keep silent and stay tuned inside, I was hit – by how much can be heard in silence, how much can be seen inside and no without extraordinary views outside, that at all times in can be exciting within oneself. I was not bored for a single second. Ok, I was focusing on the breath and the bodily sensations, but my artist did not go to sleep then. It could finally play and take over the entire playground. No distractions by others, no obligations, no bills to pay, just pure insanity and wildness. I was visited by some cool ideas for stories, movies and blog posts. I do not remember most of them or I can’t formulate them now in the same form as back then, but it’s ok. I got free of the feeling that I have to capture every moment in a frame. One of the most important lessons of the sitting was not to cling on to the attachment to any physical proof of a particular moment, like a picture, a note, a life broadcast. The whole point is in being aware of what is happening to you and not regretting if you don’t manage to document it, coz a second later there will be something brand new, and more opportunities of wonderful sensations will arise.
Now, back to reality, the mind is calmer and it’s not criticizing or blocking the artist as before. On the contrary, it gives way to wild creations of the spirit. The fear of what others are going to think has evaporated. The door to liberation is open.

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