My story with Bars®

I have a friend, a fairy, a sister who chose to take care of me. How did I get so lucky?

She has stayed with me through many silly decisions of mine, bad relationships, illnesses, depression, not so soul-matching career choices…  She would step in like a captain awaken from a dream by a storm and with her sleepy voice ask me – the commander of the ship – “Why are you heading towards the rocks, AGAIN?” Many times, thanks to her, I changed course and tuned into my compass. She is also the one who brought me Bars®.

After one of her trips to the U.S. she said to me with her giggling voice: “I have learnt a new trick! I have learnt a new trick and I am going to give it to you”! She put me on a message a table and touched my hair gently. I didn’t quite know what she was doing, but I felt safe. There was a sensation of deep relaxation, calm and thoughts passing by. I remember thinking about my family and childhood and suddenly there was much noise coming from the outside – kids were plying and one was calling Mum really loud – I knew I was connecting and healing the relationship with my Mother at that very instant.

After a long loving session of Bars® my life vessel was sailing on the calmest seas ever. My eyes regained their shine and joy was back. It wasn’t until my fifth session when I have noticed mayor changes.

After the Bars® suddenly there was no mayhem in my head. I would think slower – but without all that noise inside, it turned out to be more effective. My perception of time shifted. Each moment was filled up like a cup left under a running tap. Long voyages do not seem to last forever anymore. I’ve also had difficulties reading the time as it’s become such an abstract notion. When it comes to relations and communication I’ve been able to connect to children more and understand their way of perceiving the world. And the biggest makeover happened in the area of sexuality – it’s stopped being a taboo and I went to explore my body. I even get orgasms now! What else is possible?

The effect of Bars® on me has also affected my relatives. My Mum has got more vital and started to declutter and re-arrange her home. We’d talk and laugh more openly now.

On August 1, 2018 I have completed Access Consciousness Bars Course and I would like to share this truly life changing experience with you.

Would you like Bars® ceremony by the sea in Sopot, Poland – click here.

I am a Certified Access Consciousness® Bars Practitionerimg_4380.jpg

Information about my friend, coach and Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator Selena Ardeleanclick here.