Creation and Love are twins. The former is the latter and reverse. Always together, dressed in the same outfit, distinguishable only by the very few that actually can spot the nuances.

Popular guests at parties and with plenty of friends. They bring about balance, peace, understanding and a feeling of family. The level of intimacy alike their relationship is desired by any Lover or any Creator.  They are in acceptance of one another – any alternative would be a sabotage. One can’t live without the other. I made a mistake before when I tried to separate them, like an evil foster care parent willing to take responsibility only of one. When apart, they lose their light, joy and the perfect communication.

I see how limited my creation was without an open heart. I notice that love for another was not possible until I created it inside me first. It seems like this blog, this lesson is coming to an end, and a life full of meaning is about to begin.

CL – my new initials. Forever.

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