A year of creation

Last year I chose to create. With that simple decision my life has changed significantly. I allowed myself to live more fully and colorfully. It was the time when I grew the most. I owe it to all the people who challenged me, in a good or bad way. But I am most thankful to myself. For making the time, having the guts, dedicating the money and taking action to make something when it hadn’t existed before.

The biggest learnings of 2017? 

  1. When I switch off self-judgment I create things that I like.
  2. I don’t have to do an office job in order to earn money, I can create.
  3. An empty page is an ocean of possibilities. 
  4. I have written enough poems to publish a book.
  5. My appetite for creating has grown, I want to create music and dance, and God knows what more.
  6. Life is beautiful when you connect with your soul in an act of creation.
  7. You can feel art all around you if you open your heart to it.

The plan for next year? To create of course, no need to include it in the agenda anymore, it’s part of the routine now. I would like to add something though – LOVE.

In 2018 I love…A new blog maybe…?

Unfulfilled love

Unfulfilled love
Is fulfilled
Because it is

-Justyna Joshi

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