How does it happen that some ideas pop into my head? Where does the so called inspiration come from? Some thoughts are so brilliant that make their recipients great discoverers and steal their names and give to theories. Why some artists are known for their unique style, like U2, Warhol or Channel?

I believe that if we are no owners but mere receiver of ideas then we need to have a certain radar that traces them and triggers an alert to attract our attention. Sometimes we are like this totally not yellow submarine in deep dark waters and we do not record any signal for months. But sometimes we enter a zone of creative currents and the radar goes off every 5 minutes. When this happens we have a choice to ignore and watch the blinking objects leave the range, both on the screen and in our life, OR accept the invitation and move towards the mysterious body and transform it into a song, a poem or a painting.

It happens to me in most unwelcome moments, i.e. when I try very hard to win a fight with insomnia. Black monsters creep out at night from the bottom of subconscious seas and ask for attention. I do see them, but I often want them to go away and let me sleep. I promise to look for them in the morning, but it doesn’t work, by then they’ll be gone. Many have sank like this into the depths of oblivion and I was never able to trace them back. Maybe they were secret pearls or golden octopuses carrying ink inside them that would write the most beautiful stories?

The creative radar is not a camera, it monitors only the present moment. It is up to us to keep it always turned on and working, coz without a radar we would miss on some great creative opportunities, or worse –  we could loose our course and crash.

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