To express or to waste

Every time I want to express a positive emotion, a thought, a feeling and I don’t, it’s like throwing away food or money into trash.

Every time something bothers me and I don’t express it, is like swallowing a portion of poison.

How to express then? No need to do anything special. Rule no. 1DO NOT BLOCK. If you’re like a window, the imaginary gate between two worlds, the outer and the inner, the expression will flow naturally. It will find its way, like a river does before it reaches sea. It may take many meanders, but on its way it gives life and shelter to many. The longer it takes, the more beings it feeds. So no need to hurry human, the meander you shape today may be a wonder that millions come and admire in the distant future. What you see today as a meaningless flow of water will create a canyon as deep as your soul and as wide as your possibilities – endless. All you got to do is let the water flow, let the energy pass through you, in words of objections, in gestures of love, in a pause to observe nature in a city that rushes to work in the morning, in pressing the “publish” button when not sure of anything and in so many different ways that will still present themselves.

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