Creativity is not for everybody. Just like not everyone can become a war hero – first, because there would need to be war and second, there would need to be a situation when one’s humanity is tested to the limits. And when the moment comes it takes huge courage to ACT.

Creativity is not an opinion. It’s an action.

Creativity is not an idea. It’s acting upon it.

Creativity is not to stand and watch when wrong things happen around us. It’s a reaction.

Creativity is not to wait for the perfect moment. It’s a jump into unknown

…and not many people are able to do that, including me. I am like this small, shabby deserter hiding in the darkness of comfort and no risk. It’s safe, it’s warm, it’s predictable. But is this what I want to tell my grandchildren one day, the stories of my creative mission, where I conquered nothing and helped no-one?! Is this an example I want to set? Of course NOT. This is not why I was called up for this creative army.  I am here to fight and to protect the values I believe in, such as love, life in any form and dignity for all people.

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