Invisible creations

I write more in my head than with my hand.Sometimes days are filled with funny rhymes we make up with my boyfriend. We are like kids that blow hard into a large ring soaked in washing liquid and watch our word bubbles float freely in the air until they disappear a moment later while we compete to be the next one to blow again. We spit, we water the mouth and we spring out of joy and excitement.

I like this kind of writing. Our grandpeople used to write stories in listeners’ memory long before alphabets were invented, so it’s natural to practice this form of creativity and not feel guilty for not writing everything down. Creation does not have to be on paper. It can be something ephemeral like:

  • good atmosphere with friends
  • making somebody laugh with an instant joke
  • a smell of a soup you’re cooking, which puts a smile on your family’s stomachs
  • the choice to feel good
  • a positive thought
  • a moment of peace in the body and mind

All will pass, even the visible creations. The only thing we’d better not create is ATTACHMENT.


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