Befriending the Truth

In order to be a real artist one needs to tap into their truth. And this lady can be ugly as hell, dark as a starless night, she can hurt, cut you in pieces, squeeze your heart with gross hands and make it hard for you to breathe. You prefer to keep her locked in a cellar and never mention her name during family meetings. You act as if she’s never existed and behave in a way not to let her “disturb” your peace, when what you need to is do is exactly the opposite.

By letting her see the sun light and meet your family members you take care of what others thought was a crippled part of you. You remove the dust from the areas that no one’s ever been interested in and now they begin to shine. You open windows of a smelly room and let the spring in. You repair broken chairs and fix pictures on repainted walls. Your home/soul/inner child begins to feel comfortable and previous judges and morality experts on your life curiously knock on your door asking if they can become guests. And you agree, of course, as you are not afraid anymore of who you are or what you will be and what you’ll create. Coz you now have a partner in your creativity. The truth has turned into a lighthearted swan and is so eager to help you out, be with you everyday and make beautiful things, ideas, words… She’s the purest force that has ever driven you. And you’re trusting her fully, coz whatever happens, she’ll always be there, right by your side.



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