is my favorite day in a… day. It’s because the world slows down. And I slow down too. Fridays are partially to be blamed with its urge to squeeze in the most of week’s work, shopping and parting. Saturdays are completely different – I tend to prolong every action: of waking up and cuddling my man, of walking the corridor to the kitchen to make tea, of sitting in the couch and finally reading an article from the title to the author’s initials and then rushing back to the kitchen because the water for tea has almost boiled out.

Saturday allows me to breathe. It creates this abstract space in my understanding of time, that it’s more of it, it’s unlimited. But schedule an appointment in my calendar at 6pm on that day and you’ll ruin the entire thing. However, if the day is free, I am free. No obligations, no haves to, no artificial rhythm. And it does not mean I would be lazy the whole day, in fact, I may do even more than on a regular weekday, which to my surprise has got as many hours encrypted. So I wonder…do I appreciate Saturday because there’s the Sunday as a back-up in case of any undones? Certainly! But there is also something else. It’s triple F!

Fun, Freedom and Fuck-off! If you don’t have to, if you must not, if you’re not time, space or people restricted, you function in a totally a different way, you can finally do your thing! And I am not discovering America here, but I am writing about it because I caught myself with this glorious feeling TODAY, on a SUNDAY. In the past I used to postpone many pleasures during a busy week to a more relaxed Saturday because I wanted to cherish them and Sundays were mostly marked with “you should do it before the next no-free-time week begins”, so I’d be mentally in the office already, or ironing shirts, preparing lunch boxes, calling the family — all good and necessary, but the day wouldn’t be long enough to get the ME time and I’d wait until the next Saturday to recover.

So physically, because it’s Monday tomorrow and there is no safety net in the form of one more day left before the weekend ends, and because the laundry is still pending and there are bills to be paid, I should already be in the “get ready” mode. Yet, I woke up with the Saturday feeling second time in a row and I am just doing what I like. My perception today is that of a Saturday, I am set in the “3xF” mode. The rest can wait until Sunday, provided there will be Sunday again…


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