The form

I have always admired people with the Cicero’s gift, who easily lullaby listeners with their stories. Some do it naturally, others acquire the skill after hundreds of dollars spent on NLP trainings. To me the result is always hypnotic. Such sight can be spotted in places of social conjunction like coffee corners in office space, in pubs were the music is not too loud and the voltage of drinks hasn’t reached the electrocution level yet, at family dinners or in preaching houses of all religions.

I honestly admire speakers who attract crowds with smart talks. I admire even more orators who can attract audience with lousy speeches (can’t say the same about the public in this case though). As far as it comes to me, I am none of the above. I make another category for myself – someone who has a lot to pass on, but their voice tone instead of keeping people interested makes them look through the window, quickly change the topic to something less sophisticated and philosophical or hit “Exit” and join another group where someone else is cracking jokes or proudly reciting the menu of a new hip resto.

I find it frustrating when a friend of mine ruins her/his life in an unpromising job or relationship and doesn’t accept to take my free advice. I feel overpowered when the entire group of friends follows an I-know-it-best dude to a club which smells bad, is expensive and the music resembles cat’s cry while I tried to inform everybody about this great place just around the corner. It makes me angry when we risk life in dodgy districts in Latin America because my travel buddies don’t want to hear about my warnings I found out about from tourist guides, the locals or even police.

So, it’s clear I wasn’t born a rhetorician, and I accept it with modesty, nevertheless I still have got these words that I want to share and the messages I want to send out. Luckily there’s a form to anything in this world. Think of friendship – a purer form of love if you compare it to intimate relationship full of restrictions. Or food – changing taste when raw, cooked or baked. A grape alone has different effect if served dried or fermented. And words too, they can be served in various forms. They can be spoken, sang, shouted out loud…and they can be written. In this case it is less likely that a gossip girl comes into the room and steals recipient’s attention. An author of inked words can fully own their public in one to one relation. If he or she manages to establish the connection in the first lines and a reader is patient enough, a secret channel  of communication will be constructed and the message will be transmitted!

We all have something to give!  We just need to find the FORM that works best for us!

My form is in writing.


2 thoughts on “The form

  1. Wladek Werynski says:

    I read your blog reflections, plus poetry, however, I enjoyed your reflections. The poems did not move me from the neutral state and I pondered why, was it me, my limitations, personal preferences/ filters, or perceptions. I do not know the answer to that questions. But its not important, what I think and enjoy, as I am only the reader. Thank you for the opportunity to read your stuff.

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    • Justice says:

      First of all, you are not ONLY THE READER! Secondly, it’s normal that some things move you and some don’t…maybe the FORM of that poem was not appealing to you 😀 I will be producing more reflections and hopefully literary pieces as well, so stay tuned!


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