If they can, I CAN

Yesterday I read about the concept which can be relevant to releasing one’s creative potential. I am talking about self-efficacy. This matter has been scientifically studied by one of the most significant psychologists of our times – Albert Bandura (https://www.verywell.com/what-is-self-efficacy-2795954). It’s a believe that one has when it comes to the ability to perform certain actions or pursue dreams. For some this believe is strong so their sense of self-efficacy is great, for some, like myself, this believe has not been so strong and has influenced my creative side. How so?

Apparently people with a weak sense of self-efficacy doubt their abilities and are more reluctant to take risks as they fear failure. This description perfectly matches the person I have known from the mirror for the past two decades. That person’s name was self-doubt. She resonated fear from underneath a mask of a big joker. She was a leader keeping silent not to upset the loud and sensitive ones. She wanted to belong. And she did – to others. She kept her ideas in the pockets which were holes-eaten by bugs named vitae adultus and those classified as ars oblitus and with time lost them all unnoticeably as if they were worthless pennies.

That person does not exist anymore. One year ago I stepped on a ferry crossing the oceans of unknown and insecure hopefully heading to my true self.  Self-efficacy is the next puzzle I was missing in my map. According to the theory there are four ways to improve the sense of personal efficacy, but my favorite one is: social modeling. In short it means that if someone sees their peers were able to do something, there is greater chance that they will do it as well. So I think to myself, if my friends, who are all extraordinary and gifted with talents and brains, and still NORMAL people, can do it, I can do it too.

I CAN write and publish a book.

I CAN paint and hang my painting on a wall or give it to a friend as a “just because” gift.

I CAN participate and win a photo contest.

I CAN get a writing job.

I CAN write a blog…


…and if I can, you can!




2 thoughts on “If they can, I CAN

  1. Akpederi Raymond says:

    Great ! The spirit of optimism is needed in every stage of our lives, it is great you have shown. You are not vulnerable to inferiority complex that is the plan of God for our lives, “he. Has not not given us the spirit. Of fear, but of a “sound mind”
    Because you were created by A God that can do all things that means you are able to do anything through him. “Be anxious for nothing but with prayer and suplication let us make our request known to God.


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