Hungry artist

Some may believe that in order to create artists should have 24/7 access to the safe of ideas, be able to call inspiration hotline in the middle of the night and get a regular appointment with their family muse to have a check up on their artistic health. And I think it’s all true, people who are creators are of sensitive nature and require special care and protection. However, I would like to add one more predominant.  I claim that all artists should live next to an Italian restaurant, whose owner is in love with them and prepares happily delicious pasta everyday to feed their hungry souls. Why is it so important? Because I can create without my laptop, I can write notes in my next-to-the-bed notebook in complete darkness without a lamp and I can get by without taking pictures with my cute blue Cybershot when the technology says “no”, but I cannot do it without eating.


How to elaborate on a story when your stomach speaks louder than your mind? How to focus on the plot when you’re drifting away into dreaming about how to prepare your porridge this morning? How to come up with a sophisticated sentence when your subconscious only rhymes to hunger or bread?

Does that make me a no-artist? Shouldn’t I enter in some state of flow when all human needs pause and play again once the passionate creation is finished?  Or should I stuff myself before starting to work so that I don’t get distracted by rumbling sounds of the digestive system? But then I’d risk being sleepy and lazy, which could limit my intellectual powers, and they could actually come in handy in the process. What to do, what to do? How to shift the weight from consuming to producing, from putting in to letting out, from swallowing to savoring?

It is obvious that the entire act of creation is about being active, so if one has been passive the entire life, reading instead of writing, listening instead of speaking, spending instead of earning or sitting instead of walking, it ain’t gonna be easy. I am not going to change overnight and I am aware that old habits take their time to lure me back into the past and to the usual, but I am going to try to overcome this weakness of mine, which is excessive attention to food, and ignore it or trick it somehow the next time it hits and I will let it know the rules changed,  that now the mind, the body and the soul have an important purpose to serve, and that is to participate in the divine creation.




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