Moroccan disaster

I am a fan of constructions built in moroccan style. It’s because it’s mystic, it’s sensual and arty. I have never been to Morocco, but in many places in Spain you can enjoy some precious leftover of Mauretans visits. For example in the heart of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria there are two little kiosks  that certainly come from the African inspiration rather than colonial appropriation.

Each time I walked past it, I couldn’t satisfy my eyes enough, so I desired to take the image home and keep it on the night table. And here the fun part starts. Photos are too common, everyone can keep it in their mobiles, postcards are nice, but not always easy to find and both are totally not challenging enough, so I had this brilliant idea, “let’s paint it”!!!

Me, a total dummy when it comes to visual thinking, spatial imagination or dimension sensivity, went today to copy that simple block to a 10×15 format. I packed all the pencils, canvas and a took an extra bag full of enthusiasm…luckily!

The sweet little building I saw before turned into a monster full of details, shadows and angles. How was that possible? It was the same building and it was the same me! But there was one more actor joining the scene: big ambition, with not enough skills to direct the piece!

Did it make me curse myself for the hideous idea? – Oh, yes!

Did it make me judge myself? – A great deal!

Did it suggest to quit and throw it all away? – Sure!

Did it scream out loud “YOU CAN’T PAINT, YOU CAN’T PAINT…”? – I think everybody around heard it.

Did it make me stop? – No!  

3.5 hours later I was looking at my version of the building. And frankly, it’s was a disaster. I was not proud of it at all.

Aquarelle pencils version

And getting worse and worse…

…after brushing with water

So you see, it’s not going to hang in any gallery (probably it won’t even hang on my wall), but  I was proud of myself for doing it. It was fun, it was free, and totally different from what I’d normally do. And what is more, I plan to paint some more in the coming  days! Hahaha!


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