1st weeks = ego tricks

I’ve started a calendar, where I note all the things I create during the day. It’s the second week and I already find blind spots. The small square painting that I’ve started three days ago can’t wait to be finished, but the ego hasn’t been fed for few days in the raw and misses attention. It won. I was down. Instead of creation I watched a TV serie and sought comfort in food.

This very moment just before the act of creation is crucial. It’s when you decide, what will unfold. The second you start all doubts evaporate with the cooking of self-judgement soup. What is left is a thick stew of your talent, that you will eat at the end of the day, so it’s worth turning the cook ok.

The good thing is, that if you fail at the above paragraph, there’s alway another chance…another day, another afternoon, another 5 min, when you can ask your self the question: “What will I create now” and possibly act upon the answer! Go for it!DSC03880.JPG

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